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All the People

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All the People a book for everybody will be in stores 2007. By David Chambers and Micah Emery. Reserve a copy before its too late. To reserve a copy please go to the Reservation part of the navigation bar and fill it out. Yes its copyrighted but if anybody does try to steal this I will want you down and literally have you bite the curb as I stomp your head on it, I am that dead serious about this!!

This is David Chambers website if you don't like me then don't come in.

Updated 11/18/02: I added a new page called "Things I Like" and "Inspiration1 and 2" Oh yeah for the Yu-Gi-Oh part of my site the latest japanese pack "Power of Guardian" will be released on November 21st.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Rancid
Favorite TV show: G Gundam
Favorite book: Return of the King
Favorite sports team: None
Favorite food: French Fries

My Hobbies

My hobbies are listening to music other stuff.

Most Admired

Tim Armstrong

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