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These are some phrases from songs that give me inspiration.


When all you hear is that, "you can't," or "give up," or "you're a fool"
And you're so sick of all the in crowd and trying to be cool
And still you don't, still you don't know what to do...
But in the end you do your own thing, and you tell 'em to get screwed!!!- AntiFlag

I don't want to die
I don't want to kill
We are all human
It's time to prove it-AntiFlag

When you see someone down - now is the time to pick `em up
Set our difference aside and never look back!- AntiFlag

actions could erase all the fear that we suffer people segregated no one understands each other he's a different color but we're the same kid i will treat him like my brother he will treat me like his - Rancid

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