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All the People


About the Book
Resources and Thanks

The history of this book is a mystery to some so let me tell you. The friday before the week of Thanksgiving in Mr.Phillips U.S. History class in 2004. David and Micah were reading the Bum Book which David had made Freshman year. Micah then said that we "hey we should make a book of all the races" David thought "ok this would be a fun joke" so David started to work on the first page which was the Redneck page while Micah drew the globe. Then David and Micah went to Miss. Minotts American Lit. class and finished the Redneck and Native American drawing. So from that point on to the end of the 1st semester David and Micah worked on the book everyday of 6th period American Lit. Originally we made it for fun and an easy way to get extra credit and after the 1st sememster we stopped working on it until the 3rd or 4th week of September 2005 which we now plan on publishing. And to set the record straight all drawings were drawn at school not at home were no losers.