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All the People

About the Book

About the Book
Resources and Thanks

The book comes complete with a full color pages of over 50 races/cultures and a 3-CD Box set with every Nation Song mentioned in the book the total cost per book is going to be roughly around $39.99-$49.99

We believe that everyone is equal and please don't get offended by this book it makes fun of just about every race if you'd like to see it then you'd have to find me (David). The following book contains racial language and stereotypes for the use of teaching purposes. This book shows how easily races and ethnicities are stereotyped and is showing what to do and not fit into societies perception of what you should be. This book will also show how racism is in your own life without you even knowing if, like if you think one page is “funny” or “true” because its not your own race but think its “messed up” once it hits your own race. Its also a fun way to learn history, geography, new vocabulary. So please share this book with your friends and family.